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High Quality


Our selected oysters are only from an area of sea specially assigned by Hiroshima Prefecture which is very clean and safe and does not have norovirus. We shuck these fresh oysters in front of you.


We serve living “moving-heart” oysters!! They are the freshest oysters so their heart are moving when we shuck, and you can see it right next to the adductor muscle.


We offer safe and fresh oysters which does not need cooking, so you can eat them raw.

Lunch Specials

by appointment only

Deep-fried oysters combo


Oyster pasta combo


Risotto with oysters combo


Rice porridge with oysters


Raw oysters
We offer raw oysters 100yen off from dinner price
Oysters varies in price depending on the season and production area.

A glass of beer


A glass of wine


Chef’s Lunch Special




See “Today’s Oysters”

Fried oysters


We open oysters after your order, so it takes 15 minutes for serving.

Fried oysters


Fried oysters cooked with miso and butter


Fried oysters with mushrooms and roasted garlic


Fried oysters with butter and roasted garlic


Juicy steamed oysters


Very popular and having lots of fans, so sold out in a minutes!! Please make a reservation before your visit.




Deep-fried oysters (Be careful not to burn!!) 

1/250yen 3/700yen 6/1,300yen

with potato salad

(+ 150yen)

with oyster salt

(+ 100yen)

Oyster’s ahijo (oysters fried in garlic oil ) with pieces of bread


Steamed mussels


Oysters and seasonal vegetables wrapped in bacon


We will cook after your order so it takes 25 minutes for serving.



Tsukudani: a preserved food made by cooking fish, selfish, kelp, animal meat, vegetables, etc. in sweetened soy sauce

KAKI BAR’s SMT marinated with olive oil


KAKI BAR’s potato salad


mayonnaise-free, with oyster juice

Fresh tomatoes with oyster salt


Soy sauce tasted vegetables in season with oyster oil.



Salad with raw oysters


Pasta with oysters (choose pasta sauce from tomato, oiled and cream )


Oyster risotto


Rice porridge with oysters



Hiroshima Ohkurokami Island (Desert Island) ‒ Clean Sea Area

from Kanawa Sea Food ‒ The God of Oyster Established in 1867

●Virgin Rock Oyster – A-cup

450 Yen / Piece

Baby Rock Oyster It’s like very pure.

●Kaki Komachi ‒ D-cup

700 Yen / Piece

Improved not to bear offspring (Triploid)Very filling!!!!! There are many fans.

Hyogo-ken Ako

from Kamashima Sea Food – Powerful Husband and Wife

●Sakoshi-Iwa ‒ D-cup

980 Yen / Piece

The Standard of Rock Oysters”, Well Balanced. It has many fans.

Hokkaido Akkeshi

from Kakikin – The Oyster Prince of Akkeshi, Godfather of Kaki Emon.

●KAKI EMON – C-cup

600 Yen / Piece

Very Juicy Born and Grown in Akkeshi Akkeshi Brand.If you say “Speaking of Akkeshi, it means Kaki Emon.”, people , may say “Wow!”

Hokkaido Shiriuchi

from Shiriuchi Channel

●Shiriuchi Oyster – D-cup

600 Yen / Piece

Tossed about by heavy seas in Tsugaru Channel, It has lots of flavor.

Hokkaido Senpouchi

from Konbumori Fishermen’s Cooperative.

●Senpoushi – D-cup

700 Yen / Piece

Popular Oyster that has a chewy texture, Grown in the edge of Akkishi Bay on the east side of Kushiro. Rich and Creamy Taste.

Miyagi-ken Kahoku

from Kaiyu – The Boss of Producers in Ogatsu

●Ogatsu – D-cup

480 Yen / Piece

They say “we are putting our life on safe and secure.” They inspect so frequently.Men and women of all ages are raising and producing the oysters in the same space.

Oita-ken Kunisaki

from Marine Farm – Produced by an oyster geek.

●Shikame – A-cup

450 Yen / Piece 1280 Yen / 3 Pieces

Shkamekaki (Scientific Name: Crassostrea sikamea), the Local Oyster of Kyushu. Small Size, but Rich Taste!You can’t get enough of it! This is the same oyster as the Kumamoto Oyster.


Kumamoto Oyster
(Standard Japanese Name: Shikame Kaki)

smaller sized oyster than Pacific Oyster Soon after the war’s end in 1945, GHQ ordered the resumption of the Magaki’s seed oyster export to the U.S that had been stopped during the war, and seed oysters of Yatsushiro-shi Kagami-machi were exported during the period 1947 to 1958.

The export of seed oyster was ended shortly, however in U.S., “Shikamekaki” that was mixed in Pacific Oysters became popular, and the cultivation was continuously developed.

Then, it was called “Western Treasure” and “Queen of Oyster” because it was tasty even though it was small sized. Today, it has been a brand named “KUMAMOTO” that is one of the most popular high-rated oysters.

Furthermore, it is reimported to Japan, and known as the rare oyster at the places such as oyster bars.

3 Random Pieces1680 Yen
5Pieces3460 Yen
One of Each4360 Yen

Course Menu


Oyster Special course

(※Reservation is required) ¥8,000

includes appetizer, 5 kinds of raw oysters, KAKI BAR’s TSUKUDANI, oysters marinated with olive oil, steamed oysters(2 pieces), 2 kinds of fried oysters, deep-fried oysters(3 pieces)with potato salad, oysters ahiijo, soy sauce tasted in-season vegetables with oyster oil, rice porridge with oysters)

Oyster Light course


includes appetizer, 3 kinds of raw oysters, oysters marinated with olive oil, 1piece of steamed oyster, 1 piece of fried oyster, deep-fried oysters(3 pieces) with potato salad)


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Restaurant Detail

Restaurant Name牡蠣Bar
Kaki Bar
Phone Number03-6274-6750 (+81-3-6274-6750)
※Our staff may only be able to communicate in Japanese.
AddressWest 5 birr 3F, 5-4-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
AccessSubway Ginza Station Exit B9 1-minute walk, JR Yurakucho Station 4-minute walk, Subway Higashi-Ginza Station Exit A1 4-minute walk, JR Shimbashi Station Ginza Exit 8-minute walk
ParkingNo Parking
HoursMonday – Saturday Dinner: 18:00 – 24:00
CloseEvery Sunday Holiday
Average priceDinner 4,000 JPY
Service chargeCover charge 500 yen (tax included)
Cards acceptedVISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, MUFG

Seating/Facility information

Seating Capacity12
Banquet Maximum Party SizeSeating 12
Standing 15
Reservation Maximum Party Size7 – 15
Language SupportEnglish menu available
Wi-Fi / Plug-inSoftBank, NTT DoCoMo, au
Free Wi-Fi Spot
Plug-in Available
OtherEquipped with Wine cellar

Menu and Others information

MenuBirthday benefits in menu, Bring in your own drink OK, Lunch, Healthy Menu Options, Vegetarian Menu Options, Religious Menu Options
Delivery / CateringCatering Available
Dress CodeCasual

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