Do you know that cider goes well with oysters??

Oyster Seadreglass/1,100yen(tax included)
375ml/4,180yen(tax included)
750ml/5,500yen(tax included)

Our Recommend!! This special cider is produced by Oyster Cider Society and made from apples from Mr. and Mrs. Tamura, dedicated apple growers in Hirosaki.

Val de Rance Cru Breton Brut(DRY)1bottle/1,100yen(tax included)

Made from apples produced in Brittany, France. Blended with over 40 kinds of apples.

BOLEE D’ARMORIQUE DOUXglass/550yen(tax included)

Tastes like an apple juice!! 2% alcohol.

Sidro di mela biologicoglass/715yen(tax included)
bottle/4,950yen(tax included)

An elaborate cider!! Made by following steps; Cut apples made in Tuscany, Squeeze, ferment, Add sugarcane, and ferment again….Flinty and mild apple taste.


STRONGBOWBottle/715yen(tax included)

Best selling cider in Great Britain!! Clear apple taste.

WESTONSBottle/715yen(tax included)

Keep their brewing style for over 125years. rich apple taste.

Sparkling wine

Spain CAVA

Valoc CAVA Brut NatureGlass/737yen(tax included)
Bottle/5,280yen(tax included)

sparkling wine for everyone with fruit flavor. Lovely ROSE label on the side of the bottle.

White wine


OROYA ~SUSHI WINE~Glass/825yen(tax included)
Bottle/5,390yen(tax included)

A Japanese winemaker, living in Spain, made this wine for japanese foods.Fresh, easy to drink and good combination with oysters!!

Kind of grapeAiren, Macabeo, Moscatel


~TRABOCCHETTO~Glass/935yen(tax included)
Bottle/6,350yen(tax included)

Flinty and acid. Famous for a grand prix of blind tasting contest.

Kind of grapePecorino


~Guntersblumer Steinberg~Glass/1,595yen(tax included)
Bottle/11,110yen(tax included)

Moderate sweetness and acidity like a green apple!! Combination with fresh raw oysters bling you a gorgeous flavor in your mouth.

Kind of grapeKerner, white wine(organic farmed)

~Thuengersheimer Ravensburg~Glass/1,320yen(tax included)
Bottle/10,395yen(tax included)

Moderate sweetness and acidity like a green apple!! Combination with fresh raw oysters bling you a gorgeous flavor in your mouth.

Kind of grapeKerner, white wine(organic farmed)

Red wine


~Alliance Loire Tuffeau Saumur Champigny~Glass/880yen(tax included)
Bottle/5,830yen(tax included)

Mild and tasty red wine which has a good combination with seawater.

Kind of grapeCabernetFranc(light-bodied wine)

Selected SAKE for oysters

For Raw oysters

Tenyurin Junmai GinjoshuGlass/1,100yen(tax included)

Produced for drinking with raw oysters.(junmai ginjoshu is a kind of ginjoshu to which distilled alcohol is not added.)

Sohomare special junmai sakeGlass/935yen(tax included)

Drinking with raw oysters, you can feel a happy harmony melt in your mouth!!

For oyster and pork dishes

Hiyashibori DaiginjoBottle(350ml)/1,430yen(tax included)

Refreshing and easy to drink. Won the first prize at the Japanese SAKE Award 2014!!(Daiginjo: Super high-quality sake brewed from rice grains polished to 50 percent weight or less)

kamoshibito kuheiji junmai ginjoshu Pont NeufGlass/1,045yen(tax included)

Pont neuf means a supreme alcohol or sake drunk during the meal. Enjoy a supreme combination of oyster dishes and SAKE!!

KID Junmai DaiginjoGlass/880yen

Having a glamorous and mild aroma.

Sake that goes well with any dishes

Hiyashibori GinjoBottle(300ml)/1,100yen(tax included)

pouring this sake over oysters tastes good, too!!

YuhoGlass/990yen(tax included)

sherry wine aroma. 5-year-koshu(aged for 5 years before being released.)The name “yuho” is coming from the word UFO!!(In Japan, UFO is pronounced “yu-fo”…)


What’s “Sakitenomi”?
Sakitenomi is a style of drinking (or enjoying) SAKE, and usually have 4 steps like following;
STEP1:Lets drink SAKE first!!
STEP2:Pouring SAKE over oysters (or dishes)
STEP3:Enjoy both!!
STEP4:Drink Sake itself again!

Sensho-MasamuneGlass/946yen(tax included)

Appointed supplier of DATE family. Goes well with sake!

Plum wine for oysters

We purchase plum wine from “ecofarm MIKATA” in Wakasa-town, Fukui-ken, a famous place for plum-producing district.

UMECHU 20°Glass/660yen(tax included)

easy to drink. Good plum aroma.

UMECHU 38°Glass/770yen(tax included)

like plum-wine-whiskey.., not sweet like UMECHU20°.


MEADGlass/880yen(tax included)

Mead or honey wine is the oldest alcohol , also known as an origin of the word of honeymoon and medicine. According to legend, from ancient times to Middle Ages in Europe, Women let Men drink this alcohol and try to have a baby…



Heartland (draft beer)825yen(tax included)
Guinness Surger770yen(tax included)
DOPPO White beer for oystersBottle/1,320yen(tax included)

Whiskey for oysters

TALISKER 10years
BOWMORE 12years
880yen(tax included)〜

Vodka for oysters

CIROC990yen(tax included)

Tequila for oysters

Tres Magueyes Gold1,100yen(tax included)
Tres Magueyes Blanco1,100yen(tax included)


Dragon fruits-flavored liqueur770yen(tax included)

Highball and sour

Manpai highball715yen(tax included)
Yuzu juice sour605yen(tax included)
peach sour660yen(tax included)
oolong hai528yen(tax included)
WILKINSON ginger dry715yen(tax included)
coke highball715yen(tax included)


oolong tea385yen(tax included)
Yuzu juice550yen(tax included)
peach drink550yen(tax included)
Ginger ale495yen(tax included)
Coke495yen(tax included)